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The Mosquitoes trio born in the house of culture in the city of Tlacotalpan veracruz, Mexico.

In 1986 he traveled to the city of Mazatlan Sinaloa, where he worked for a period of 10 years in the major hotels in that city in 1996 came to this city of Cabo San Lucas BCS where he remains working in different hotels of the tourist port, weddings, cocktails, receptions and dinners.

The trio plays various genres of Classical Music, Musica Popular Mexicana, Boleros, Musica International and more.
Using tools such as: The Harp, Guitar and Bass besides having violin and flute, can play as a trio, Duet and Quartet Soloist up as requested by the client.

Trio members:
Harp     Abel Aguirre
Guitar   David Santiago
Bass     Pedro Aguirre

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